The Strong 2 Run Formula

Unlocking Your Full Potential for Running Health, Speed, and Performance.

(Even if you’ve tried and failed or stuck in an injury rollercoaster).

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What Is Strong 2 Run?

Strong 2 Run is a 9-week Virtual Running Fitness Program for anyone who wants to unlock their running health, fitness, and performance!

The Strong 2 Run Formula is an online program that gives you all the resources you need to make your ever elusive PR, to escape the injury rollercoasterto cross the finish line without injury, and to run and feel better than you ever have.


Who Is This For?

NEW runners who want to STAY INJURY FREE and AVOID SETBACKS.

Runners who want to ESCAPE the INJURY ROLLERCOASTER.

EXPERIENCED runners who Want To CRUSH THEIR PR's In Their NEXT Race.

Runners who are committed to learning and implementing keys To becoming STRONGER And HEALTHIER Runners FOR LIFE.

Runners who want or need a supportive community, expert guidance, and accountability to REACH YOUR RUNNING GOALS.

The Strong 2 Run Formula is the Ultimate Run Fitness Training Program

If you a runner who is looking to unlock your running potential, stay injury free, increase your running longevity, and increase your running enjoyment, then this is for you!

One of the biggest reasons runners struggle to make PR's or stay injury free is they are missing a critical component in their running program or training.

In the Strong 2 Run Formula we map out this missing component for you by giving you the workouts, the nutrition advice, and the exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck,

Each week we discuss the modules and workouts live, to ensure you're staying accountable and doing it right!

There's no question on what workouts to do next or if you're doing them correctly.

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Module 1 - Welcome & Mindset

6 Videos

Learn one of the most undervalued tools to unlocking your full running and fitness potential (secret - this applies to all things in life).

Once you understand this and can effectively tap into this, there is nothing you won't be able to to accomplish for yourself and nothing that can take away your joy!


Module 2 - Baseline Tests

5 Videos

You can't get where you are going if you don't know where you started. 

In these videos, I go over some of major tests that I use to assess my runners who come to see me IN THE CLINIC!

These assessments give you valuable insight on key abilities you have or don't have so we can know what we need to improve on.

BONUS: I will be going over each of these tests in detail with our Pre-Course 1-on-1 Strategy Call.

Module 3 - Running Prep & Tips

4 Videos

Before going out and crushing your run, it's really important for you to get a great warm up in before you take off! 

I take you through my favorite warm up and give you additional options as well. 

I will also share with you some common running flaws that I see in runners that can increase their likelihood for injury, and I will also give you some running cues to remedy them.

Let's get ready to crush your run, your week, and your upcoming races! 

Module 4 - The Strong 2 Run Blueprint

16 Workouts 

This is where all the magic happens. The road to you becoming a stronger, faster, successful, and more resilient runner!

This formula has helped me successfully take runners from injured to crossing the finish line without pain, and getting non-injured runners to make PR's repeatedly.

In these 8 weeks, you get 2 run specific workouts and a special bonus each week that will 10x your running performance and how you feel during your runs.

Too many runners waste time with leg extensions, leg curls, the weird little hip abduction machine in the gym, and other exercises that won't translate to running performance. 

That's the old runner in you! This programs creates a new runner in you!

Let's Get Strong 2 Run! 

Module 5 - The Strength Locker

50+ Videos

Okay. You have all the workouts, but what if you need to need to scale something back, what if you need to progress something, what if you need get a little more detail on the exercise itself.

Perhaps you want to workout a 3rd day in the week and need some exercises to pull from - this is where can go! 

This is what the strength locker is for. Your source for strength exercises galore that will transform you and leave you not only feeling good, but also looking good as well!

Strength. Stability. Success

Module 6 - Mobility and Flexibility

30+ Videos

We know that strength is what what this program is centered around, but being a "Strong 2 Run Runner" means being strong in many areas. 

That means becoming mobile and flexible in key areas! 

That is what this section is all about. We dive into foam rolling, LAX ball work, static stretching, and dynamic stretching that will help you stay recovered and more pliable.

Module 7 - Yoga

4 Videos

Being a Strong 2 Run Runner is not about just being strong and more fit.

Being a Strong 2 Run happens when you become more eclectic in your training and being more in control of your body and how it moves! 

Yoga is able to help you with that and is a fantastic compliment to the movements and exercises done in our run-specific strength workouts.

Yoga combined with strength training will completely transform the way you feel during your runs!


Bonus #1

Module 8 - Run-Specific Nutrition

Fuel. You need it to keep waking up with that burning desire and energy to push you forward through these workouts, through your runs, and through your daily lives.

Danielle Strebel, a Registered Dietician and a passionate runner herself is going to provide loads of great nutrition tips to fuel your runs, your workouts and your life.

What do you eat before a run, what do you eat after, how much much water do I drink, what about supplementation.... All that is covered here! 

Bonus #2

Module 9 - Pain & Injury Self-Care

8 Videos

As an athlete, you demand a lot of your body! When you demand a lot of your body; aches, pains, and injuries can happen. 

When those types of things happen, it's important to know what to do in order take care of these things as soon as they happen so you can continue progressing and stay on your path!

The time it takes for something to resolve is dependent on a few things, but one of those things is how FAST you take action to treat it.

In this module, I take you through common running injuries and key strategies you can use to begin to care for and remedy these problems as soon as they happen!

Bonus #3

We were not mean to do things alone. We strive in community and we become more of ourselves in the presence of others who are on the same path as us. That is why I created the Exclusive Strong 2 Run Facebook Group. This group will give you the inspiration, feedback, and support you need. You will be able to share your wins, share your struggles, and ask your questions with those who are also going through this same training as you! ($97 Value)

Bonus #4

I want to make sure have all the tools you need to have most amazing transformation possible in this 9 week span. I want to personally walk you through this training program and answer any questions that you have. That is why you will be getting 4 live group trainings from me in the private Strong 2 Run Facebook Group. Here we will have additional trainings and Q&A's. ($679 Value)

Bonus #5

2 one-on-one Video Calls with me. One the first video call, we will discuss what your goals are, what you struggle with, upcoming races, and I will walk you through the baseline tests to make sure your program fits you the best it can and so we both know the key things you specifically need to work on. ($327 Value)

Bonus #6

Last but not least, you will have 24/7 access to my voxer so that you can message at any time. Have a question about a workout, have a question about some soreness, hurt yourself on a run or during a workout? Just shoot me a message and we will work it out! I'm like your own personal doctor ($297 Value)

Mike L.

I had been running for about eight months experiencing on and off knee pain in my left knee. When I began a half-marathon training program my knee pain increased as the intensity of my training increased, and I felt like my completion of the training program and half-marathon race were at risk. I met Dr. Brian Broussard when he spoke before one of our training sessions and made an appointment with him, after he followed-up with me. I signed up for his ten-session package, and immediately noticed results. Working with Brian was beneficial for my health and training as he initially conducted in-depth consultation and analysis of me and my form to pinpoint the areas I needed to strengthen and improve to not only fix my knee pain, but make me a faster and more efficient runner overall. Brian was focused on my upcoming half-marathon and was very in-tune with my training and helping me improve pain free as my training intensity increased. I was able to complete my training program and half-marathon successfully thanks to Brian, and came away with the knowledge of the types of training and exercises I can continue to incorporate to prevent injury and improve my form. Working with Brian was well worth the investment, and I recommend him to anyone who doesn’t want to accept pain as a part of training and competing.

Paige S.

I came to Brian with serious knee pain after running a 5k (without training, big mistake!). After going to him for 7 sessions, we really worked on my mobility and he showed me how I have been running improperly for my entire life. That was a huge shock to me. He never pushed me to a point where it hurt, but definitely challenged me. Here we are, months after a very painful injury, and I am running a mile a day without ANY pain. I’m more conscious about my form and continue working on mobility. Honestly, his help was life changing. HIGHLY recommended!!

Karen Z.

Back in February, I strained my hamstring, which likely was actually injured back in October. I lived with the pain, saw a PT, did sports massage, took a break from running, nothing helped. I figured I'd be stuck with it forever unless I quit running for a year.

I met Brian in June through a free running clinic he offered and started seeing him for PT. He did a combo of run form analysis and cues for when I run on my own, strengthening exercises, home exercise assignments, and very targeted massage to fix me up. Before we finished our last session (only 5 needed!), he went over what I need to do to take care of myself to finish healing and to prevent future injuries.

For the first time since the injury, my hamstring doesn't hurt, my leg feels back to normal, and I can run without my foot dragging. Even backpacking this past weekend over hilly, rocky miles didn't trigger any recurrence of the pain.

I know pretty much all of us struggle with some sort of running injury at some point. Give him a shot if you're in the Pinellas area!

About Brian

Brian is a doctor of physical therapy, owner of Impact Sports Performance and Rehab, and the creator of The Strong 2 Run Formula. Brian has been in private practice for over 1 year, which is located in Largo, Florida. His practice focuses on helping runners overcome injury, remain injury-free, optimize their health and fitness, and become stronger runners!

Brian has worked with and helped hundreds of runners to overcome common running injuries, achieve PR's, and also helped runners qualify for the Boston Marathon. Through his experience in helping runners, Brian has developed a passion for helping runners achieve their goals and eclipse their expectations. 

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