Golf Fit Monthly

Our Monthly Membership Program For Better Fitness & Better Golf

Are you looking for a way to not only get better on the course but get healthier and more fit off the course?

Not sure if you're ready to dive into a full individualized coaching program?

Looking to test the waters on what golf fitness can do for your golf game?

Are you a golf pro looking to try a few things for your game or for your golfers?

The Golf Fit Monthly Membership has something for just about everyone and for a low cost, it is packed with valuable information. 

Monthly Workout Plan 

Live Trainings With Me & Other Members Each Month

Golf Topic Of The Month

Monthly Nuggets From A Golf Pro

Ready to Take Your Golf Game To Next Level?

Golf Fit Monthly


Top features

  • Monthly Workouts
  • 2 Live Trainings per Month
  • Topic Of The Month
  • Monthly Golf Tips
Only $49? I'm In!

Monthly Workout Plan

Every member of GFM receives a monthly training program! This program is specifically designed to impact your golf game by making your workouts more golf specific. We focus on mobility, flexibility, speed, core strength, and even balance to make you stronger on and off the course!

LIVE Trainings With Me

You get access to TWO LIVE VIDEO TRAININGS with me every month via the video conferencing platform Zoom. Don't worry - it's extremely easy to use. You'll get an email prior to the training with a link to join and we interact live and train live! There will also be Q&A after every training! 

Topic Of The Month

Every month you'll receive an email with the topic of the month. This will include exercises to do and how to implement strategies in order to maximize and train effectively on a given topic. 

Rich DeGregorio, M.D.

Before seeing Brian, I had chronic back pain which hampered my golf game. After only a few visits with Brian, my back felt much better. In addition, I was given exercises to do which were easy and have kept my back pain free. I give Brian my highest recommendation.

Who is GFM For?

Golf Fitness Monthly is for anyone interested in golf, improving their golf game, or becoming healthier and more fit on the course and in life. Whether you are a new golfer, new to golf fitness, an above average golfer looking for valuable tips and live interaction, or a golf pro looking to expand their knowledge on golf fitness - Golf Fit Monthly is the choice!

Let's Do This!

Justin Ayanian - College Golfer

I was referred to Brian after a lower back injury in the gym. When I first came in, I could hardly walk and was in serious pain. Brian did a full assessment, explained my problem and laid out a game plan to fix it. We started with a lot of soft tissue work and stretching to loosen up the muscles. Once the pain started to go away, we focused on exercises to strengthen the back and the surrounding muscle groups. 3-4 weeks after starting with Brian, I was playing golf again and competing without pain. My experience with Brian far exceeded my expectations and was absolutely worth the investment. Brian is extremely thorough with his approach to rehab and training, and is great at personalizing a program specific to your needs. After this rehab experience, I will continue to work with Brian to prevent further injuries and improve my golf game overall. If you have an injury or just want improve your golf training, Brian is your man.